We have a new website!

Our refreshed portal has been built to better explain what we do, who we do it for, and how they benefit from it.

We also intend to use it for more industry discussion articles as we strive to become a leading voice in web services for public sector organisations and corporate businesses.

“We”, for those who don’t know, are JDi Solutions, Blue Fox Technology, Artychoke, and Cobalt Apps.

Between us we have more years of experience than we care to count! What we DO know is that we came together because our specific skills often complement each other. Working together enables us to deliver more services to our clients and provides a greater return on their investment in any project we undertake on their behalf.

So instead of being a single, “jack-of-all-trades” web company, we’re a working partnership of highly skilled businesses, each with something to bring to the digital table:

  • JDi Solutions, for web development and e-consultation services
  • Blue Fox Technology, for interactive digital mapping
  • Artychoke, for web design
  • Cobalt Apps, for building native mobile applications

You can find out more about The Web Publishing Portal team here.

Call for Guest Bloggers

We’re a fan of posting guest blog posts on relevant websites! Take a look at our articles. Have you got some insightful thinking or knowledge to add to our discussion? We’d love to hear from you!