Interactive mapping software developed by Blue Fox Technology is helping to deliver some of the most complex spatial projects in the UK and remote locations around the world.

OpusMap software, now well established in its 4th iteration, allows you to publish interactive maps, documents and data online anywhere across the web. The Content Management and Administration System (CMAS) of OpusMap provides features and functions to create and manage styles, layers and public-facing user functionality such as map querying, drawing tools and proximity searching.

Benefits of OpusMap include:

  • Simple to use by both technical and non-technical officers
  • No installation required and therefore no associated internal cost of maintenance
  • CMS accessible 24/7 from any computer with a web browser and Internet connection
  • Supports collaborative and virtual office working from multiple locations
  • Competitive pricing for licensing and for turn-key projects consistently below public procurement tendering thresholds
  • No limits on the numbers of users or number of websites, maps and documents published
  • Use for a variety of spatial-based projects, including LDP and SPG delivery, local (neighbourhood) planning, tourism functions and mapping other services and amenities
  • Licence not based around the number of seats/users
  • Licences available for departmental use or corporate use

OpusMap can be used as a standalone service or in combination with 3rd party software such as WPP partner JDi solutions’s OpusConsult e-consultation software and as part of a web or app development project in conjunction with Artychoke’s web and app design services and Cobalt’s app development services. Blue Fox Technology can advise you on the best course of action for any mapping requirements, so you benefit from a tailored, future-proof digital solution that meets and exceeds your expectations.

As well as its OpusMap software, Blue Fox Technology provides comprehensive mapping and cartographic services including:

  • Cartography for digital and print output
  • Proofing: digital and print (up to A0)
  • G.I.S projects and spatial database construction
  • Desk Top Publishing projects
  • Data capture and data cleansing