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October: Corporate Web Mapping for Pendle Borough Council

October: Corporate Web Mapping for Pendle Borough Council

Pendle Borough Council has chosen Blue Fox Technology to deliver a corporate web mapping solution that will save time and taxpayer money and will significantly improve how the Council engages with local residents via the Web.

The ambitious corporate web mapping project covers key areas such as the Local Plan, planning applications and decisions, and location-based services such as problem reporting and ‘Where’s My Nearest?’.

Web mapping has been identified by Pendle as a critical component in its strategy to improve public access via the Internet and, by doing so, drive down costs and deliver important services tailored to the needs of the user.  Once implemented the corporate web mapping system will help local residents easily find and locate key information, policies and decisions based on where they live or work simply by typing in their address or postcode. The web mapping applications implemented will also be accessible via mobile devices making the communication process even more convenient to users than ever before.

Integral to the improvements to public engagement via the Internet is the way the web mapping will integrate with existing back office systems in order to ensure that mapping and data can be updated as quickly and efficiently as possible without the Council having to invest in any new software of hardware.

Blue Fox Technology’s experience and knowledge in database management and G.I.S in conjunction with its web development services has meant that all the web mapping applications will be supported by administration and content management systems that can be operated by both technical and non-technical officers and can be accessed 24/7 from any computer in any Council office or building.