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November 2011: Bolsover choose our e-Consultation service

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November 2011: Bolsover choose our e-Consultation service

Bolsover District Council has opted for our e-Consultation service in support of their Local Development Framework

The e-Consultation system will be used for Site Specific and Area Based Allocations and DPDs and will replace the Council’s in-house system. Having a dedicated e-Consultation service has been proven to provide significant financial savings to Councils by freeing up time and resources through the use and application of dedicated software tools that render the consultation process less labour intensive and more efficient. Software as a Service delivers further savings by negating the need to configure and maintain the software in-house, allowing the Council to concentrate on delivering its services to the public. Everything is delivered through a standard web browser.

One of the Council’s key aims is to strengthen the way it engages with local people, to provide them with the opportunity and the means to contribute directly to shaping where they live. The Web offers an ideal platform upon which Bolsover Council can make their planning process more accessible, more open and more transparent. Our ongoing customer support services will help the Council in their efforts to deliver a successful LDF programme right through to Inspector stage whilst ensuring that the online public engagement process ensures they meet e-planning best practice targets.