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LGA Conference: Culture, Tourism and Sport

LGA Conference: Culture, Tourism and Sport


The Web Publishing Portal exhbited last week at the Local Government Association’s annual conference for culture, tourism and sport. Our stand attracted a high number of the 120 Local Authority delegates who were interested in how web and mobile app technologies could be harnessed by their Council to increase visitor numbers and promote growth from within through local community engagement.

Some of the key questions and messages we received from Council delegates were: [more]

  • How can web and mobile technologies help me spend to save when it comes to boosting visitor numbers?
  • How can mobile apps extend the reach of my Council’s tourism proposition/brand?
  • How can I encourage visitors to stay longer in my area?
  • How can I encourage visitors to spend more in my area?
  • How can web technologies enable joined up working across departments and stakeholders?
  • How can I target specific visitor types and attract them to my area?
  • How can I reach the wider population and those visitor groups who prefer smartphones to computers?
  • How can I tap into new and emerging technologies in a way that is sustainable and future-proofed?

Mobile apps are of particular interest with many delegates looking to apps to support the communication and distribution of data and spatial content unique to the Council and their locale.  Using our own apps and development frameworks we were able to demonstrate how a well designed app helps visitors make better use of their time in the area and encourages them to spend locally. Through our corporate projects we were able to demonstrate how websites and mobile apps help local communities make better and more regular use of Council run and Council sponsored resources and facilities provided for leisure, sport and tourism.

Over the coming months we hope we’ll be able to report back on the Portal about the specific opportunities that came out of the LGA Conference that have been converted into tangible projects and deliverables, features and functions that answer many, if not all, of the questions raised by delegates at the Conference.

WPP_Ride North Wales press release.pdf (90.68 kb)

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