E-Consultation Software Solutions

Our e-Consultation service – known as OpusConsult – was originally developed to provide local authorities with all the features required to run and manage online consultations for Local Plans. It has now been further developed to enable councils to deploy the system corporately and provide e-Consultation services across all departments.

For Local Plan consultations, OpusConsult manages the entire process from document publication through to public examination and adoption. The system can be deployed as a single instance for a Council, or across multiple Councils under a collaborative licence.

The significant time and efficiency drain on managing consultations is in the process of reviewing and responding to representations, particularly if submitted on paper. The powerful administration system of OpusConsult empowers officers to manage all representations in one place regardless of how they were received. It features an extensive range of task-oriented tools and processes that provide cost savings and workflow efficiencies across all stages of a consultation.

The system is hosted on our own servers and is accessible from any web-enabled device so there is no impact on your own IT infrastructure.