Cambridge Corn Exchange

The Web Publishing Portal offers a range of web development services to suit your budget and project requirements. The more we understand those requirements and the budget you have available the better placed we are to provide the best possible service.

One option is a custom build service. In truth all web projects have some element of customisation whereby WPP partners design and build a new website and integrated CMS using a code-base and a developer tool-kit already established on our servers. The custom build service is ideally suited to clients with fixed and limited budgets and who wish to deliver a high quality, tailored user experience to a particular target audience coupled with a simplified method of managing content.

Typically clients that take the custom build option do not employ a dedicated internal Web Team and therefore wish to keep content management and site updates as simple as possible, focusing on a finite number of repeated key tasks. The Web Publishing Portal website is a good example of this approach as the content is being managed by sales and marketing personnel and the site itself was built using an existing base theme in WordPress.

The second option is to design and build a new website and CMS using a highly adaptive and  technically advanced development platform such as Drupal. Drupal is Open Source and is ideal for creating websites rich in functionality and content-driven user journeys. Drupal has an extensive Core module and thousands of contributor developed modules. With Drupal, WPP partners JDi Solutions and Artychoke design and develop sites for both Internet and Intranet use. JDi Solutions extensive experience of working with Local Authorities has resulted in the development of Drupal Orchestra, a pre-packaged suite of the best tried and tested Drupal modules and features that every corporate Council website, CMS and Web Team need.

Typically clients that take the Drupal Orchestra option have a dedicated internal Web Team serving a large internal and public user base. The Web Team has a preference for technical and administrative skills to be transferred directly to them so that they can be self-sufficient and self determining in expanding their web footprint through the addition of new functions, services and additional websites via the Drupal Orchestra solution implemented.

Whatever option is chosen we create modern, accessible and responsive websites for private and public sector clients. We provide a complete service from initial design through to final implementation and ongoing hosting, support and maintenance. Best of all with any options there is no vendor lock-in; at contract end you are free to take your website elsewhere.