Project Brief.

The Green Links Project was a uniquely funded collaboration between the public and private sector. Conwy and Denbighshire Councils partnered with RWE Innogy UK Ltd on a tourism project to promote walking, cycling and environmental education opportunities along the coastal strip between Llandudno and Prestatyn. This was to achieved via 4 information hubs, each one combining a touch screen kiosk with various leaflets promoting walking and cycling routes that visitors could easily reach from the kiosk to access historical and natural points of interest. WPP partners Blue Fox Technology, Artychoke and Cobalt Techno came together to provide an app-based solution for the touch screen kiosks.

The initial brief for the project did not define what kind of device or software was to be used to deliver the touch screen experience. Based on our knowledge of app development and content editing we proposed using iPads running a dedicated iOS app that would be developed under an Ad Hoc Distribution Licence. A number of factors influenced our choice of development route:there was no guarantee of an Internet connection at all kiosk locations, the latest generation of Ipads had the quality of retina display desired to visualise content in an appealing way and the SDK for iOS had the best range of features for developing the type of interaction and user experience desired.

The touch screen experience was to be bilingual and have universal appeal. The kiosk locations were in very public spaces but there were no assumptions about what kind of user or visitor would be attracted to using the system; the main aim was to encourage people to explore further afield from the vantage point of the kiosk, preferably on foot, by bike or via public transport. Thematically the idea to put across to users via the touch screen system was that travelling along Green Links routes, rather than by car, was as interesting an experience as the many areas and points of interests along the North Wales coast that would be reached. For that reason it was decided early on that all content should be edited and optimised specifically to help people make an informed decision as quickly as possible, to choose an activity or point of interest from the options available and then take the relevant leaflet/route card or use the QR code on screen to download the digital version (where a connection was available).

Artychoke undertook the content optimisation role as well as designing the look and feel of the app and the type of user journeys available through the visitor’s interaction with the content and features of the app. Once designs had been approved by the client Cobalt Techno built the app’s interface and functionality from the final design templates created by Artychoke. Blue Fox Technology helped to stitch content and user journeys together via an interactive map of each area served by the kiosk. The map operated as a content hub and the main start and stop point for user journeys through the content in the app.

Key project features

  • solution developed and implemented to a fixed budget
  • app designs presented as high quality digital storyboards so client able to sign off the user experience prior to app development
  • Turn-key software and hardware solution coupled with the Ad Hoc Distribution licence provides scope for Green Links kiosks to be expanded to other sites at a fixed unit cost.

Project Info.


Conwy County Council


App Design, App Development (iOS), Interactive Mapping