Project Brief.

The Cambridge Corn Exchange Theatre is sponsored by Cambridge City Council. The theatre website’s design and construction formed an integral part of a larger Drupal project commissioned by Cambridge. Their project portfolio included a new corporate Internet and Intranet site in addition to the theatre website. WPP partners Artychoke and JDi Solutions collaborated on the theatre website’s design and development, implementing ideas and user journeys tailored to the consumer.

The Corn Exchange website included a fully integrated CMS configured specifically for theatre staff so they can update the website easily and quickly. Of particular importance to theatre staff was the ability to quickly and efficiently publicise fresh ‘ hot off the press’ content about confirmed acts, dates and last minute additional performances. At the same time it was imperative that the process of going live with new content could be published simultaneously across a number of web channels in addition to the website, such as pushing notifications via social media.

Via this coordinated and integrated approach to content management consumer-oriented content is easy to manage and update. This includes important areas of the website such as the calendar, the ‘Just confirmed’, the ‘Latest News’ section, the ‘What’s On’ page and each theatre show’s unique landing page. Maximum exposure is given to marketing new shows with minimal content management effort.

Key project features:

  • part of a larger Drupal project
  • unique features and functions configured for a consumer audience
  • simplified content management tools for theatre staff


Project Info.


Cambridge City Council


Web development, Consultancy support