We’ve just gone live this month (May 2012) with a new website promoting cycle routes in North Wales. Working with our partners Artychoke and VirtualASP we’ve delivered an interactive website with a heavy emphasis on the use of media such as photography and interactive mapping to attract cyclists to the area and to provide them with useful information about the key cycle routes and the local cycling scene. Our collaborative contribution also includes the development of an integrated Content Management System (CMS) so the website’s main sponsor, Denbighshire County Council, can update the website themselves. The CMS is already being updated to include a feature for local businesses to provide their details on the website, including the ability to make themselves a point of interest on the interactive mapping so users can see where the nearest B&Bs, cycle hire shops, cafes etc. are.

In addition to the website Artychoke are co-developing an app for the iPhone that will allow cyclists to select a route map and locate points of interest on and near the route. We’ll provide more information about the app once it’s up and running.

In the meantime you can see the new website by clicking on the logo below.


Ride North Wales